Group founder, Jeff Sneed is a recognized community leader and businessman with a reputation in excellence as an Interior Designer and Florist. Jeff is the founder of Southern Gospel Music Week in Barren County Kentucky, as well as the popular television program, Sneed Family Music which is viewed in over 1 million homes each week.

In 1982, Jeff started his Gospel music journey with the founding of “Glory Bound.” A group of four young men just out of High School. Twenty seven years later, the journey continues as his entire family.

In May of 1973, Jeff experienced the Saving grace of the Lord... At just 9 years old, at an old 3 room schoolhouse, Jeff's dad, Bro. Floyd Sneed, a Baptist preacher, and Bro. Carroll Medley were holding a revival meeting. After the preaching that night, Jeff felt something that he had never felt before, Holy Spirit conviction.

As Jeff tells in his own words "I began to cry, and not wanting to deceive or hinder me, my dad came and just asked "Son, are you sick?"

Yes, I was sick, but it was not a physical sickness, but a spiritual sickness. I clearly remember sliding two old folding chairs apart and began to call upon God. Then two of my friends also went to the altar and they were saved before me that night. The devil tried to make me believe that God was not going to save me. It was then, in a split second, that God touched my heart with His hand of love. "

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