Considered by many to be the cornerstone of this family, Pam Sneed is a role model to many ladies today.

As a proud mother, Pam has raised three wonderful children, home schooling each child to ensure that they receive a quality education while being on the road.

She and Jeff have now been married for 33 years, and during those years, Pam has continually provided the group with stirring and powerful vocals.

In July of 1973, As Jeff's Dad was preaching at a brush arbor meeting, Pam was saved by the Lord's grace. Several years later, Jeff's Dad started pastoring Lawrence Chapel Baptist Church in Barren Co., Ky, and Pam and her parents started attending and joined the church there.

It was there, that over the next few years Jeff realized he had met the love of his life. In April of 1985 Pam and Jeff were married.

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